A Jet-Setter's Banquet

You roll with a crowd that globe-trots on a whim. Please all their palates with a menu that celebrates an adventurous spirit.

First course:

Go for a vegetarian take on the traditional cvapi of the Balkans. Serve these chickpea fritters over a plate of creamy mushrooms with a side of stewed plums.

Second course:

Warm spices like cardamom and turmeric meld with the sweet flavors of dried currants and orange blossom water in this lamb pilau made with basmati rice.

Main course:

Bold Italian wines like Barolo or Barbaresco add depth to hearty beef in this dish, underscored with a generous dose of garlic, herbs, and nutmeg. Buon appetito.


Add something sweet to the feast with a cranberry apple chutney. It has allspice, cinnamon, and cloves for an extra kiss of seasonal flavor.


Serve buttery Mexican cinnamon galleta cookies with after dinner drinks, hot cocoa or coffee.