The Rainbow Room Reopens After Renovation | Tasting Table NYC

The newly renovated Rainbow Room is for lovers (and birthdays)

A Park Avenue apartment. 6 p.m. on a Monday evening.

You're not going to wear that, are you, Morty?

Darling, we're going to the Rainbow Room. No, no, not the same stodgy place we went for our anniversary in '85. It's still on top of 30 Rock, but the owners just put a pretty penny into renovating it, and it's glitzier than ever.

Yes, that 1930s crystal chandelier is still stately and majestic, hanging in the center of the room, and the windows are also dripping with crystals—I can't wait to catch a glimpse of the lit-up Empire State Building, looming just off in the distance. The overall effect will be stunning.

Complimentary snacks are brought out before a three-course dinner | Photo: Bill Milne

Of course you should put on your dancing shoes, dear. The restaurant is only open for Sunday brunch, and on Mondays for dinner and dancing. Makes it seem sort of exclusive, no? Tonight we're going to see James Langton's New York All-Star Big Band. There will definitely be a few pairs of professional dancers all dolled up and swinging each other around on the circular, rotating parquet dance floor. The rest of the shufflers will be middle-aged couples like us, celebrating anniversaries and birthdays and the like.

I know, I'm hungry too. The food isn't really the reason to go—the menu is luxurious, but it's basically a small step above what we get at the club. We could start with a signature cocktail, like a proper gin and tonic, as we get settled. They'll bring us a few complimentary nibbles, like airy cheese straws and gougères and house-made potato chips. A nice little nod to the restaurants of Old New York, wouldn't you say?

I think I'm going to get the Jerusalem artichoke soup with crispy chicken oysters, then move on to the lobster potpie under a browned dome of puff pastry. I don't care if the root vegetables swimming underneath are a little undercooked, it's still going to feel fancy.

No, we're not going to go every Monday night! It's $175 per person for a three-course dinner, Mort! And that's before we even order a bottle of wine.

Yes, you look much better. Happy anniversary to you too, dear.