Christopher Longoria's Perfect Playlist For 1760 Restaurant In Sa

1760's Christopher Longoria sets the mood with this killer playlist

"Music is truly an essential part of my every day," says Christopher Longoria, bar program manager at 1760 in San Francisco. "It surrounds me in almost all hours. How music falls on a room sets the tone for what people expect, creating intimacy and energy. Music helps people get a feel for you and your space in a very personal way. My ears are open everywhere I go, listening for the right sounds." Here's his go-to playlist.

① "The Feeling of Jazz," by Duke Ellington & John Coltrane

"A perfect way to start the evening as dusk starts to roll through. The tones are light and airy, but there's enough energy in this track to give people the sensation that a carefree night is just beginning."

② "Moanin'," by Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers

"Classic hard-bop jazz despite its bluesy opening. This soulful track is a flag for jazz aficionados and music lovers, so they know we appreciate music history."

③ "Talamak," by Toro Y Moi

"I love these blue, green and gray tones. It's perfect for the couple who just sat down and started sipping their first drink—it's quiet enough for conversation, but still hip."

④ "Pirate in the Water," by Santigold

"Energy. Pulse. It's 7:30 p.m., and the night's beginning to open up. There's a driving bassline, but enough space in the vocals that you can still talk to your date. Culturally, Santigold represents an edgy independent appeal, much like how I understand 1760."

⑤ "Nightbird," by The Fabulous Three

"Flavor. Soulfulness. Clean sounds. A vibe and rhythm you can sink into and ride when the first drink is done and you're finally starting to let go of the day's stress."

⑥ "The Payback," by James Brown

"One of my all-time favorite jams of jams! This song honestly is for me. When the bar really stops hopping and my team needs to pick up the pace, everybody needs to get on the good foot! James Brown is one of my idols, and this song prepares me for the insanity that hits the bar on weekends."

⑦ "Work Song (Manzen Re-Edit)," by The Honeydrippers
"This one is a flag to hip-hop heads and music historians. This is actually a B-side to one of the most sampled songs in hip-hop, 'Impeach the President' by the Honeydrippers. It's gotten a great remix with a clearer sound for this collection. It has a great flow to it, and I notice some of my workers dancing to it, so I play it to keep them moving."

⑧ "Hot House," by The Quintet

"One of my all time favorite albums—Jazz at Massey Hall was legendary! Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, Max Roach, Charles Mingus and Bud Powell. It's the jazz super friends! Forget about it! This should be a staple in everyone's personal music collection."

⑨ "His Name Is Mutty Ranks," by A Tribe Called Quest

"I love this song. It's finally a track where Phife Dawg gets to let his own flavor shine a little bit. Nice bass line, nice flow and great rhymes. A classic Tribe Called Quest track—and who doesn't love Tribe?"

⑩ "Unorthodox," by Joey Bada$$ (Produced by DJ Premiere)

"This is my favorite new emcee paired with one of my favorite DJs/producers of all time. Such a clean sound, true-school boom bap. It also lets folks know we're not stuck in the past of hip hop's 'golden age'—that there's new life being breathed into the art."

⑪ "Got to Give It Up (Pt. 1)," by Marvin Gaye

"Who better to assure you it's gonna be a great night than Marvin Gaye? I mean, the track itself just sounds like you're having a great time. Classic feel-good Motown will always incite good feelings—it's timeless."

⑫ "Johnny Got a Boom Boom," by Imelda May

"She's so fun! This is a shout to the tattooed rockabilly cats who would rather be out drinking PBR. It's a way to surprise people and make them feel comfortable in a place they wouldn't necessarily expect it. We want to make everyone feel at home."

⑬ "Soulful Strut," by Young-Holt Unlimited

"If this doesn't remind you of Carlton Banks and if Carlton Banks doesn't remind you of letting your hair down, I don't know what will! It's not the song he used to dance to on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but it's definitely that vibe. That always makes me smile, and hopefully you, too."

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