Use The New Flavour App To Find Your Next Dinner Destination

Find out where you're having dinner tonight with the new Flavour app

I've always filed making impromptu dinner plans under the "Maybe I Should Have Just Gone Home and Ordered Delivery" category.

What starts out as an excited, half-baked plan over Gchat in the morning takes on a different, slightly passive-aggressive tone come 4 p.m. You know the drill: "Where should we go?" "I don't care, what do you think?" "Maybe sushi?" "Hmm, I had that for lunch..."


Don't get me wrong: I love to eat and don't cook, so I end up eating out at least a couple of nights a week, and once the planning is done and I'm sitting down with a friend and a glass of wine (okay, two glasses), I'm set. But settling on a spot can be a real funsuck.

Enter Flavour, a new dining app that takes a lot of the back and forth out of the equation. The app is simple and beautifully designed, and currently serves folks in NYC, Chicago and San Francisco, with more cities in the works. Once you select your location, you choose your destination based on neighborhood, cuisine and special requests. All of the suggestions are culled from a group of critics, bloggers and locals, so the picks are legit. The app gives you a general price guide, map and short description, and once you click in, you can reserve a table (via phone or Open Table), see notable dishes, and take a look at the full menu.

The cuisine-sorting tool covers your major options (French, Greek, Japanese, Mediterranean, etc.), but the special features really get down to the nitty gritty. Choose from places that have a great bar scene, brunch, burgers and the like, or restaurants that cater to dates, dessert or dining at the bar. Dietary restrictions are well represented (gluten-free, vegan-friendly, vegetarian-friendly), and you can also filter through some pretty darn specific criteria (rooftop locations, restaurants that have earned a Michelin Star or James Beard Award).

The Flavour app is clean, quick and well sourced—just like how you want your food. And your dinner plans.