Where To Eat And Drink For A Date Night In Andersonville | Tasting Table CHI

What to eat and drink on your next night out

Stretching from Foster Avenue to Victoria Street on Chicago's Northeast side, Andersonville is a quaint, charming neighborhood teeming with vibrant bars, great restaurants and nods to its Swedish heritage at every turn. Consequently, it's just the place to head to for a jam-packed day-to-evening date with your honey.

Kick things off early with a mid-afternoon treat at George's Ice Cream and Sweets, a neighborhood staple for all things indulgent. Order a frothy malt ($6) with two straws, or split a minty Grasshopper sundae ($6) with mint chip ice cream, Oreos and hot fudge.

Illustration: Tasting Table

Following sweet tooth satiation, immerse yourselves in a bit of history at the Swedish American Museum ($4 per person), which showcases a permanent exhibit detailing the Swedish immigration to Chicago, as well as rotating special exhibits such as the current Bluescapes of Sweden by Ariana Ramhage, which runs through November 30.

Plan ahead with reservations to Big Jones, a bustling gem of a restaurant with a flair for Southern heirloom cooking. An order of crab cakes ($14) encrusted with sea island benne, seared in a cast-iron skillet and laden with puréed hearts of palm and spicy pineapple relish is great to start, along with char-grilled oysters ($16) to get you both in the mood (for more food, of course). Fill up on chef Paul Fehribach's award-winning fried chicken ($21), and cut the Carolina shrimp burger ($15) in half so you both get a taste of the hearty, can't-miss entrée.

Get tipsy with after-dinner drinks ($9 each) at Summerdale, the latest from Marty Fosse (Anteprima, Ombra, Azzurra, Acre). Opt for something old school, such as a Moscow Mule or Singapore Sling, or go full on "summer school" with citrusy Let's Be Ernest cocktails for two.

Settling in for an overnight date? Treat your S.O. to morning-after eats at Swedish Bakery. Have your pick of well over two dozen coffee cakes ($4 to $13) or chow down on seasonally on-point pumpkin currant scones ($2.50) over coffee and rehashed memories from the night before.