Bottoms Up

Plan a beerific autumnal feast with Stella

The leaves are turning. The weather is getting chilly. You know what that means.

Oktoberfest is finally here, folks!

You already know what to drink during this beer-bountiful holiday: A frosty glass of refreshing Stella Artois, the Belgian beer that goes with any potato-laden or wurst-centric dish.

Now, here's what to serve alongside for your next Oktoberfest bash:

Traditional Soft Pretzels: Go old-school with these Bavarian-style pretzels. They're the prefect way to soak up some of that Belgian beer if you're having a little too much fun.

Pork Schnitzel with Slow-Braised Cabbage and Paprika-Cream Sauce: Offset the hot fried deliciousness of this classic with a crisp Belgian brew.

Smashed Potatoes: Nosh on these crispy snacks to round out your meal. Danke!

Beer Float: Sure, it's not traditional, but no one will blame you for ending the feast on a sweet note with an ultra creamy, Belgian-style float.

Wash all of these down with a generous pour of Stella Artois, of course.

Yes, summer may be over, but aren't you glad Oktoberfest is here?