April Bloomfield And Dominique Crenn Guest Chefs Dinner At The Test Kitchen | Tasting Table NYC

April Bloomfield and Dominique Crenn trade cuisines for one night

The Spotted Pig's April Bloomfield and Dominique Crenn of Atelier Crenn in San Francisco are pulling a Freaky Friday on us.

Well, more like a Freaky Thursday: On October 16, at our Test Kitchen and Dining Room in Soho, the chefs will swap cuisines for a one-of-a-kind four-course dinner. (Enter here for your chance to win two tickets.)

For one night only, Bloomfield, known for gutsy gastropub fare, will cook French. And Crenn, who's earned two Michelin stars for her thoughtful, beautiful, modern food, will riff on English cuisine.

"We aren't quite set yet on the menu," Bloomfield, the recently crowned James Beard Best Chef New York City, says. "But I'm going to cook the stuff she grew up eating in Brittany: leg of lamb with flageolet beans, tarte tatin, floating islands. I'm really interested in the food she's doing; she's very creative and inspiring."

The feeling is mutual.

"I love April—she's honest, straightforward and funny as hell," says Crenn. "I'm doing the first two courses. I'll probably do a more modern take on fish and chips."

"British cuisine isn't always outstanding," Crenn admits. "April and I talked about that. But I do have a love affair with England. I grew up going there almost every summer."

Crenn says that even though her and Bloomfield's cooking styles are wildly different, "at the end of the day, we believe in the same things."

What else is on Crenn's radar while she's in town? Betony, eating around Koreatown and dinner with friends at one Peter Luger, home of bad lighting, great gruff waiters and gigantic no-frills porterhouse.

"I'm excited!" Crenn says. "People think I'm serious, but I'm not so serious."

Hopefully as excited as we are to have these two insanely talented chefs in our kitchen. Enter to get your tickets now—it's the only way to have a seat at the table.