Where To Eat And Drink For A Koreatown Date Night | Tasting Table LA

Where to eat and drink on your next night out

We're falling hard for Koreatown.

The sprawling urban grounds have everything for a citified fairytale: DIY dining, a coffee shop rendezvous, desserts for deux—and things stay open late. No matter what kind of meal or drinks date you're planning, Koreatown has it covered.


Feeling chaste? Caffeinate at Caffé Concerto. Get cozy by the fire on the alfresco (and blankets to cuddle) while sipping an espresso-spiked hot dark chocolate ($7.50) or a chestnut latte ($6.50).


No visit to Koreatown would be complete without the obligatory Korean BBQ. Warm things up over hot coals at Kang Ho-Dong Baekjeong. At the first-come, first-serve boisterous barbecue spot, impress your date by searing strips of short rib ($25) and pork belly ($19) on the grill, then toast your delicious success with bottles of Hite ($7). If you're feeling adventurous (and boozy), head to Ahgassi Gopchang for the signature order: intestines ($22). Cooked over an open grill and wrapped with marinated onions and sesame seed leaves, the charred bites are best washed down with a side of dwengjang jjigae ($8) and plenty of soju.


Swing by Okrumong for patbingsu. The Seoul import does traditional shave ice served simply: Sweet adzuki beans, mochi and condensed milk top the house OG snow bowl ($8). If you like your bowl studded with fruit, duck into Hwa Sun Ji tea house for proper bingsu with a side of whatever-ails-you teas.


Keep it casual with a stop at Dan Sungsa. Makgeolli (fermented Korean brew) keeps the conversation flowing (and the courage brewing), while the homey, pub-like setting lets your boo know you keep it real. For a more divey date, sidle up to the bar at HMS Bounty. Nothing fancy here—just seasoned barflies, old-school charm and a good ol' jukebox.


Wi Spa is open 24 hours. School your sweetie in the jjimjilbang as you both heat up in the coed sauna, then keep the sweat going over bowls of spicy kimchi jjigae and yukgaejang. To work up a more competitive sweat, take it to the bowling alleys at Shatto 39 Lanes. Stay on your game at one of the 39 lanes. Bonus: The $4 drinks and $2.75 nachos are pocket change even for the cheapest of dates.

Morning After

Hit up BrewWell if the date went well, indeed. Pick up a lavender cappuccino ($4.50) or a mascarpone-loaded coffee float ($5.25), and don't forget to take home the Quenelle-baked sweets for two.