The Best Cheap Eats In NYC, Chicago, L.A., Miami And SF 2014

The best cheap eats in NYC, Chicago, L.A., Miami and SF

One cannot live on (or afford) Michelin-starred meals alone.

So we rounded up the best cheap eats around the country for those days when you want to spend less than a Hamilton on lunch or dinner.

Find out where you can sink into fantastic subs in Chicago and feast on cheapo ceviche in Miami. Slurp hand-pulled huimei noodles topped with bok choy and fluffy scrambled eggs without breaking the bank in NYC. Then head west to fill up on Roy Choi's stoner food-esque rice bowls in L.A. and stuff yourself with sausages in San Francisco.

These meals may all be under ten bucks, but they're all over-the-top delicious.