The Best Dumplings In NYC, Chicago, L.A., Miami And SF In 2014

The most delicious Asian dumplings in NYC, Chicago, L.A., Miami and SF

Consider the dumpling. Nearly every country has one in its repertoire (hello, Italian strangolapreti and Russian pizrokhis). And it's obvious why: The thin-skinned, meaty little treasures are the ultimate comfort food.

This week, we focused on Asia's vast dumpling collection, devouring Shanghai-style soup-filled dumpling and steamed sweet shrimp-stuffed gyoza. We're swooning over monster pan-fried, puffy soup dumplings in NYC and hitting up an old Taiwanese stalwart for masterfully made ones in L.A.

San Francisco has us yearning for delicate pork and-veggie-stuffed mul mahn du, while Miami's making our mouths water for curried potato momos. And in Chicago, three words are music to our ears: Bill Kim's potstickers.

Happy dump(ling) day.