The Best Asian Dumplings In Miami 2014 | Tasting Table Miami

Our favorite dumplings in Miami

In Miami, you'll find Asian dumplings in the most fancypants of restaurants (Hakkasan in Miami Beach) and no-frills strip-mall gems (Lung Gong Restaurant in Tamiami). Steamed, pan-fried, in soup: We can't get enough of these doughy bite-sized comforts.

Here are seven of our favorites in the city, in no particular order:

① Kon Chau in Westchester

This dim-sum staple's décor leaves a lot to be desired, but it won't matter once you focus on the silky, steamed-to-perfection shrimp and pork dumplings ($2.95). The duck-stuffed green tea shells are a must as well ($3.85).

② Zuma in Downtown

There's a reason why the salty cod and prawn dumplings ($15), with their golden pan-seared crusts, are everyone's favorite appetizer: The ginger and jalapeño in the pickled hajikame balance the generous fish filling.

③ Hakkasan in Miami Beach

Dim sum aficionados relish opening the bamboo steamers in which the colorful, fluffy selections from the steamed menu are nestled. Our favorites include the black rice crystal ($8) and the engineered shumai-style golden cup squash ($11) dumplings.

④ Lung Gong Restaurant in Tamiami

Tucked away in a strip mall off of the Turnpike in Tamiani lies a lucid, unassuming gem. We love the delicate, perfectly steamed rice paper that envelopes the pork and shrimp dumplings, which arrive floating in spicy wonton soup ($6.95).

⑤ Shokudo in Buena Vista

Given the array of dumpling styles there are in the world, Shokudo conquers the Himalayas with Nepalese momo ($7). The juicy curried potato stuffing inside the dumplings is nicely offset by the creamy tangy tomato ghee sauce in which they float.

⑥ Tropical Chinese in Olympia Heights

Variety is the name of the game at this neighborhood Chinese institution. With the Xiaolongbao ($15), or soup dumplings, you can choose up to five of the color-coded options. Opt for the leek (black), shrimp (yellow), crab (red), green (chive) and pork (white) and taste the rainbow.

⑦ Pubbelly in Sunset Harbor

Chef Jose Mendin has the Midas touch when it comes to his Latin-meets-Asian dumplings. Choose from unique filling options, such as duck and pumpkin ($14), pastrami and sauerkraut ($12), mushrooms and huitlacoche ($14), bacalo (cod) and pil pil ($14).