The Best Tacos In NYC 2014 | Tasting Table NYC

Our top 10 tacos in NYC

Is there anything more varied and beautiful in the world of culinary math than this formula: fresh tortilla + toppings = delicious? No, my friend, there is not. From pig's head to spicy goat meat to chorizo and pineapple salsa, here are the ten tacos in town doing it for us right now.

? Ricos Tacos y Antojitos Mexicanos in Sunset Park

The holy trinity: pork, onion, cilantro. When these deeply meaty and wonderfully simple carnitas tacos ($1.50) are in front of us and the TVs are playing soap operas and game shows, we're in heaven.

? Rockaway Taco in the Rockaways

Andrew Field's dreamy beachside shack turns out an exquisite fish taco ($3) made with super crisp fried-to-order tilapia, shredded cabbage, radish and cilantro. Fresh juice and waves–what more do you need?

? Tacombi at Fonda in Nolita

The rest of the tacos here are served on corn tortillas, but not our favorite. The huevos a la Mexicana made with soft scrambled eggs ($4.95) are cradled in fresh, slightly doughy flour tortillas with slow-cooked peppers, nearly caramelized onions and house-made tomatillo salsa.

? Taqueria Cocoyoc in Bushwick

Barbacoa enchilada, the dark and spicy goat meat infused all the way through with chiles, is the thing to order ($2.75). And if you like your tacos loaded up American-style with lettuce, tomato and sour cream, hey, no one's gonna judge.

? Empellón Taqueria in the West Village

Alex Stupak truly elevates the form, turning out complex and elegant beauties like the short rib pastrami taco with mustard seed salsa ($12 for two), and zooming in on seasonal produce, like fresh peas with pea shoots.

? Tortilleria Mexicana Los Hermanos in Bushwick

Everything is superlative and fresh at this low-key tortilla factory. We love the oversized tacos made with carne enchilada ($2.25). The pork is so spicy it makes your mouth tingle–that's where the creamy avocado and iceberg lettuce come in.

? Brooklyn Taco in the LES

Yes, the chorizo and potato combination has been done before. But no one does it better than these guys. Soft pieces of potato, soaked in spicy chorizo fat under a bed of pineapple salsa and cool crema, folded up in a corn tortilla ($3). Perfection.

? Los Tacos No 1 in Chelsea

This Chelsea Market stall makes its own corn tortillas and, truth is, everything on the menu is great. We keep going back to the spicy and tangy adobada made with chile-rubbed pork, diced onion, cilantro and a bit of pineapple ($3).

? Tacos Matamoros in Sunset Park

The beauty of pig's head is that it provides a huge range of flavors and textures, all present and accounted for in the surprisingly delicate cabeza taco topped with diced white onion, cilantro and radish ($2.50).

? Tacos El Dorado in Flatbush

This no-nonsense Brooklyn food cart makes a wonderfully fatty chorizo taco ($2.50) that comes with lime, radish and some colorful sauces. Oh, and the pupusas are bomb.