The 10 Best Iced Coffees In L.A. | Tasting Table LA

Our favorite iced coffees in L.A.

Los Angeles has no shortage of good coffee. (We have to stay awake for our morning commutes, after all.) That includes the iced variety. With summer approaching, we rounded up our favorite cool cups of joe, in no particular order.

G&B Coffee in Downtown

Charles Babinski and Kyle Glanville are the Intelligentsia-trained coffee pros behind this Grand Central Market kiosk. The arsenal includes a rotating list of roasters, from Ritual to Forty Ninth Parallel. The take-down move: pouring (and bottling) a mean cold brew ($3.50 to $4.50).

Go Get Em Tiger in Windsor Square

Hang out at the long coffee bar and enjoy the house milkshake ($7.50). McConnell's sweet cream ice cream, two double shots and a pinch of ground espresso are blended into a frozen 14-ounce treat.

Cognoscenti Coffee in Highland Park

The minimalist, design-forward coffee shop recently rolled out a cart into Good Girl Dinette. Stick to the Vietnamese theme with a cold brew of local Demitasse beans that are steeped for an eye-popping 48 hours, then shot through with condensed milk ($3.75).

Short Cake in Fairfax

How to make the Aunt Nancy's Shakerato ($6): Combine Straus Creamery whole milk, wildflower honey, a whopping four shots of Verve Coffee espresso and shake. It's our answer to a grown-up milkshake (and Monday mornings).

Brew/Well in Koreatown

The creative coffee float ($5.25) is an upgrade on the usual iced coffee, with cold brew concentrate and mascarpone gelato from Quenelle.

Graffiti Sublime Coffee in Mid-City

While the long list of rules (no outside food or drink, no water refills) may inspire grumbles, the Sister Midnight ($5.75) at the art gallery-slash-coffee shop is on our short list of things that make us smile: chocolate ganache and two shots of espresso over ice.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters in Downtown

The drink of choice at the PDX coffee company's industrial roasting plant and training lab is cold brew ($3.50 to $4.50), available on tap and by the Portlandia-appropriate growler.

Espresso Profeta in Westwood

Seattle's Espresso Vivace beans give a deep roast and caramel flavor to an iced latte ($4) that's just as good served hot.

Coffee Commissary in various neighborhoods

The stylish spot's roster of beans from Victrola, Coava, Sightglass and Temple, as well as creamy Straus milk, become spot-on espresso drinks, including the iced Cubano ($4), enhanced with house-made cinnamon sugar syrup.

Intelligentsia Coffee in various neighborhoods

When its Silverlake location opened in 2007, the Chicago coffee company set the bar high. They have since expanded to Venice's Abbot Kinney and to Pasadena, but we still rely on the iced mocha ($5) made from in-house chocolate.