Best Burgers In NYC, Chicago, L.A., Miami And SF

We don't have beef with these NYC, Chicago, L.A., Miami and SF burgers

We set out on a mission to find the freshest, beefiest burgers across the country.

Our findings? America's making some pretty darn good burgers.

While the rest of the country is outside grilling thin patties 'til they're well-done this weekend, honor the all-American classic by hitting up the best places to have a burger.

Get the dry-aged celebrity of burgers in New York City. Or try a divey, no-frills version with pickled cherry peppers in Los Angeles. Travel up the coast for a funky take (read: a little lamb ground into the beef patty) in San Francisco. Pair a classic charbroiled burger with a chocolate cake shake in Chicago. Or fly to Miami for a bulgolgi burger with–wait for it–kimchi tater tots.

Now, the only remaining question: You want fries with that?