Grill Guru | Whole Foods Market

Backyard barbecuing begins with Whole Foods Market

Time to head to Whole Foods Market for their May Madness sale.

Stock up on all the summer essentials and Memorial Day must-haves at your local Whole Foods Market. Sign up now and you'll get the latest info on all the sales to last you through the entire delicious season.

Having a houseful? Pick up antibiotic-free, 94% lean ground turkey while it's 40% off. Turn it into crowd-pleasing burgers and upping your game with Worcestershire and melted Gouda (get the recipe).

All those burgers make guests thirsty. Reach for the whole trade cantaloupes$6 for two—and add them to a thirst-quenching sangria (get the recipe). Cut up another melon or two for a simple snack on the porch.

Now that you have the perfect ingredients for summer, get inspired by the grilling guide, just in time to plan your celebration.

Buckle up–barbecue season is just beginning.