The Best Canned Beers For Summer

These aren't your frat party's pull-tabs

It feels like every Memorial Day we're declaring the upcoming season "The Summer of Canned Beer."

But this year we're serious.

There are so many good craft canned beers out there right now that we tapped Julian Kurland, beverage director for NYC's The Cannibal, for his advice on what to buy this season.

There are a few reasons why Kurland loves beer out of the tin: Unlike six-packs of the past, he says, the latest ones have protective coatings (no more metallic aftertaste). And because of the way they're sealed, taste is preserved, and they're less likely to spoil from light or air than their glass counterparts.

Best of all, they skirt those pesky no-glass rules to go where bottles can't–we're talking the beaches, parks and pools you'll be lounging at this summer.

Here, Kurland's favorite new cans for the season:

Westbrook Brewing Co. Gose
"Westbrook has been working to bring back a style that was once almost extinct. An unfiltered wheat beer, goses are spiced with ground coriander and salt, along with addition of lactic acid. The result is an incredibly dry, tart and refreshing beer that's perfect for a sweltering day. If you see this on any shelves, grab some quick because it's not going to last."

Stillwater Artisanal Ales Brontide
"Just because it's 85 degrees out doesn't mean that I avoid all dark beers. Sometimes when the sun is going down, you want something a little more robust. This falls somewhere between a black saison and black ale. Its higher carbonation level keeps things bright and light."

Peak Organic Summer Session Ale
"Straightforward and uncomplicated, this is a beer for sitting on the beach or in a park and just enjoying life. Amarillo hops impart distinct citrus and floral notes, while the wheat Peak Organic uses adds even more citrus."

Nebraska Brewing Co. EOS Hefeweizen
"Bananas and cloves with a slight vanilla undertone? Yes, please. With only a slight hop bitterness, this beer showcases more bubblegum characteristics, backed by a dry, medium body that keeps you coming back sip after sip."

Brasserie St-Feuillien Saison
"As opposed to the bottled version, the canned saison sees more dry hopping than the original. This adds more to the spicy notes that you get from the nose and palate. And you get the smells of malt, grain and citrus. The beer isn't overly carbonated, which allows the flavors to meld together seamlessly into a crisp, dry brew."