Flotsam + Fork Online Kitchen And Housewares Shop

We want everything from this new online kitchenware shop

Much as I love aspirational screen-shopping around my favorite online housewares stores, sometimes I don't feel like combing through multiple sites for the perfect kitchen towel. I want someone else to do the work for me.

That's why I've been staring non-stop at the well-curated, gorgeous-yet-functional kitchen and housewares from Flotsam + Fork.

Everything has that classic, slightly worn-in, not-trying-too-hard aesthetic that French cooks do so well–and that I'm always trying to recreate. Nothing's too fancy or overly designed. Just the most ideal iteration of each item.

Here, the items I'm (most) coveting:

Soft dish brush ($4.95): For those who dread the post dinner-party clean-up, a horsehair-and-birch brush makes the chore more sexy.

Double lever corkscrew ($21): According to the website, this weighty piece comes from the "Basque city of metallurgy." And it opens wine bottles. Doubly awesome.

Hand-carved spoons ($35): How hot is it that these utensils are made by a Wisconsin craftsman using nothing more than a knife and an ax? 

Olive oil can ($45.95): A long, elegant spout means less drippage than pouring from the bottle. And, a much nicer way to serve than putting a store-bought bottle on the table.

Fromage set ($41.95): Adds a jolt of color to any cheese plate. A good excuse to eat more Comté.

Striped linen dishtowels ($19.95): Perfectly French, perfectly functional.  

Trivet ($10.95): The stainless steel lattice design is so pretty, you almost don't want to cover it up with a hot pot.