5 Dishes And Drinks To Try At Crown Height's Upcoming Berg'n Beer Hall | Tasting Table NYC

Ramen Burger ramen, Other Half summer brews and more in Crown Heights

Brooklyn, if you thought the opening of Whole Foods was big news, this is going to blow your socks off.

Another massive food market is coming your way: Berg'n, a 9,000-square-foot beer hall from the Brooklyn Flea folks, is set to open next month in Crown Heights.

But this one we're excited about. Like Ramen Burger pandemonium-level excited. Here are five reasons why:

① Ramen-ified everything, plus actual ramen, from Keizo Shimamoto: Obviously, there will be ramen in Spam- and egg-topped breakfast burgers and crisp churro form from the Ramen Burger creator. But Brooklyn Flea co-founder Eric Demby also encouraged Shimamoto to get back to his broth-based roots and make a traditional ramen. So for late-night eaters, he's slinging "bonkontsu," a beef-based soup sprinkled with mushrooms, nori and scallions.

② Summer brews from Other Half: Brooklyn Brewery's Garrett Oliver collaborated with Demby on picking the pours, so you know they're going to be good. For one brew on tap, he looked to the new Carroll Gardens brewery, Other Half Brewing Co. Co-owner Sam Richardson says they'll be supplying their year-round Motueka Pale Ale, but keep your eyes peeled for a summertime farmhouse ale they're experimenting with.

③ Grandma pies from Pizza Moto: The Smorgasburg and Summer Stage veteran's finally coming to the great indoors (read: gas-fired deck ovens), which means thicker, chewier, squarer pies. Pizza man Dave Sclarow is thinking of a white pizza topped with artichokes and Fleisher's meatball pizza.

④ Happy hour with Brooklyn Oyster Party: Kyle Needham is expanding beyond his usual East Coast preference and including West Coast bivalves in his oyster bar mix. They'll be served with mignonettes ranging from classic red wine to cucumber-ginger. Stay tuned for exact times and the rest of the seafood-focused menu.

⑤ Fried chicken sandwich from Asiadog: Another longtime Smorgasburg vendor, the Lower East Side's Asiadog is debuting its fried chicken sandwich. It comes two ways: with a wasabi-spiked slaw and a honeyed miso mustard or with the signature Asian chicken wing sauce, blue cheese and pickled carrots and celery.