What To Eat At The Red Hook Ballfields | Tasting Table NYC

Keep on truckin' with our delicious plan of attack

The real harbinger of spring in New York isn't The Return of Ramps™; it's that very special weekend when some of the city's finest food trucks gather at the Red Hook Ballfields, officially kicking off the city's pupusa, huarache and taco season.

Friends, that day is here.

Trek to the corner of Bay and Clinton on weekends, between the hours of 9 a.m. and 9 p.m., and you'll be met by a handful of vendors griddling house-made tortillas and filling cups with fresh, cold agua fresca lickety-split.

You really can't go wrong, but here's a solid game plan:

Pork huarache ($7) from Country Boys

This fine huarache, which has a delicate layer of beans built into the large corn tortilla, is loaded with spicy pork.

Pupusas de frijol ($6 for 2) from Solber

Next, go for the simple bean-filled pupusas, served hot and crisp with pickled cabbage, sour cream and jalapeños.

Taco de chivo ($3.50) from Piaztlan

The slow-cooked goat meat has a wonderfully intense flavor. Temper it with some of the hot salsas found under the window.

Agua fresca de sandia ($2.50) from Vaquero

Take a hydration break with sweet, cold watermelon juice. The squishy bits in there will remind you that it's the real deal.

Plantain pupusa ($6) from El Olomega

The crisp maseca, stuffed with a mix of sweet plantains and salty white cheese, is the perfect way to end your day of Red Hook snacking.

Now go take a nap in the grass–you've earned it.

Every year, we look forward to the food vendors in Red Hook, who serve a delicious mix of pupusas, huaraches and tacos from their compact trucks.

Salvadorean-style pupusas hot off El Olomega's griddle.

The pupusas come with bright pink pickled cabbage–the perfect foil.

Carlos Ayala stands proudly in front of his truck, El Olomega.

Hot pupusas with cool pickled cabbage.

Excellent chicken tacos from the Piaztlan truck.

Lunch rush! The trucks are usually parked on the weekends from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Eleazar Perez of Piaztlan–one of our go-to spots for goat tacos.

What's that delicious smell wafting through Red Hook?

Now that's what we call a pupusa platter.

If you can snag one, the picnic tables by the trucks are a good spot to camp out.

It's official: Spring is here.

El Olomega.

Fernando Martinez of Country Boys.

Welcome to Red Hook!

Working the line at El Olomega.

Pupusa time.

Some families bring their own chairs and set up on the sidewalk.