New Vegan Dishes At Choices Café's Third Location | Tasting Table Miami

The popular vegan café opens a new location

Strictly plant-based Latin menus.

For those of us who grew up in Hispanic households, that may sound like blasphemy–but it's the secret behind Choices Vegan Café's success. Now, with the opening of their third location Choices Kitchen by the airport, the restaurant has become something of a local chain.

Unlike the plentiful bowls, wraps and burritos–loaded with walnut "meats," sprouted tofu, lentil patties, soy chorizo and the like–at the Upper Eastside and The Roads locations, the Kitchen offers a daily meal for $12.

Top: The popular Va's Insane Mexican Wrap | Left: cream of asparagus Right: chef Alex Cuevas

Expect more elaborate dishes, such as spicy soba noodles with tempeh or walnut-almond vegetable rice. Each meal is served with an option of greens, the soup of the day and organic iced tea.

We loved their take on traditional chickpea masala–made with sweet potatoes, carrots and ginger and served on a bed of coconut basmati rice–and were pleasantly surprised by the rich cream of zucchini soup. Before leaving we stocked up on their organic Green Dinner juice, made from apple, kale, spinach, ginger and lemon, which can now be purchased by the bottle.

Choices Kitchen also houses an organic market where you can purchase homemade products including soups, dressings, their staple homemade "meats", cold-pressed juices, and vegans' favorite liquid protein, Bragg's Liquid Aminos.

It's no surprise that chef Alex Cuevas and his brother/business partner, Jorge, opened their latest location on Earth Day.

The Cuervas brothers have gone where no other herbivores have gone before; Miami can claim its very own vegan empire.