Put. Down. The. Sponge.

Let Handybook clean your home for only $29

The upside(s) of a great dinner party? Food, friends, fun.

But then come the dishes...and the vacuuming...and the mopping.

Let's face it: No one loves cleaning up after a swinging soiree. That's why you should leave the dirty work to Handybook.

Book online at HandyBook.com, download their nifty iPhone app or just give them a call and Handybook will send a fully vetted, insured and well-equipped house cleaner to whip your place into shape. Your pots will be scrubbed, your counters degreased and your dust bunnies eradicated.

Here's the best part: Through a special offer for Tasting Table readers, you can book your first two-hour home cleaning for only $29. A 100 percent money-back guarantee makes the deal even sweeter, and Handybook's eco-friendly cleaning supplies will give you something to feel good about.

That puddle of wine on the counter? No worries. Crumbs on the floor? Gone. No matter how unruly your party might have been, Handybook is there to eliminate all evidence of last night's shenanigans.

Sure, cooking is fun, but cleaning's a bore. Take advantage of this special deal and let Handybook do the dirty work.