The Best Ramen In Chicago And Where To Get Them | Tasting Table Chicago

Our favorite ramen in Chicago

Chicago is in the midst of a ramen renaissance, with a new place to try a savory bowl of goodness opening every few weeks. Here are our favorites, in no particular brothy order.

Oiimen pork ramen at Oiistar ($14)
This deep, spicy ramen is simmered for almost a day and has a slick of lip-tingling hot pepper oil on top.

Grilled shrimp ramen at Yusho ($20 with drink and dessert)
This dish, only available during Yusho's Sunday Noodles, is delightfully fishy and just this side of too salty–the perfect foil for the included on-tap cocktail.

Vegetable ramen at Misoya ($10)
There aren't a lot of "healthy" options on this list, but this one, packed with carrots, sweet corn and cabbage in a pork-miso broth, comes the closest.

Miso ramen at Noodles by Takashi ($10)
Forget Cinnabon and Sbarro: This is what food court fare is supposed to taste like. Nestled on the seventh floor of Macy's on State, it's the ideal lunchtime break.

Urbanbelly ramen at Urbanbelly ($13)
Don't tell the purists, but this ramen is actually based on pho broth and filled with spices like cloves and cinnamon.

Tonkatsu at Slurping Turtle ($14)
The homemade noodles alone are worth a trip. The pickled mustard greens are a tangy bonus.

Pork belly ramen at Uni ($10)
Served with a huge slab of pork belly and a pair of quail eggs, this dish is substantial enough to keep you going for at least two meals.