Flavorish Market Caters To All Your Dinner Needs | Mimo - Tasting Table Miami

Jen, Jenna and Alain of Flavorish Market are your new soirée gurus

"We wouldn't call ourselves a gourmet market," explains owner Jennifer Frehling as she and partner Alain tend to customers behind the counter of their spacious curated larder at Flavorish Market. "We love food and live up the road; this is a neighborhood food lifestyle market."

The Mimo newcomer is already becoming a destination–and a place to source all of your dinner needs. It's been open for little over a month, but already there are regulars. During our visit, a 30-something-year-old guy walked in like he owned the place and asked the in-house sommelier, Jenna Robinson, for his bottle of the night.

Steampunk metal sawhorse tables topped with treated oak slabs display an array of ingredients, utensils, books, teas, oils, sweets, tabletop essentials and gift items. Shelves are stacked with chutneys, spreads, spices, pickles and tapenades from brands like The Gracious Gourmet and A L'Olivier, and in the refrigerators you'll find local comfort foods, such as Mimi's homemade pastas and Roc Kat ice creams for a stay-in date.

Custom made gift baskets are also part of the repertoire

Need a bottle of wine for a party? Robinson will gladly walk you through the store's main attraction: The back wall is stocked with a variety of wines and craft beers, as well as flavors of Brix Chocolates for Wine. She'll even suggest cheeses and cured meats to pair along with your selection.

Picnic? Beach day? Quick lunch? Choose from the array of fresh baked goods and sandwiches ($8) made with sourdoughs from Zak The Baker. On chef Ken Lyon's (from the former Fratelli Lyon) to-go menu, you'll find items like pesto pasta ($5), quinoa and lentil salad ($4) and his famous meat lasagna ($5).

Don't feel like cooking dinner? Pick up the daily dinner tray for two on your way home ($28).

We're about to become regulars here, too.