L.A.'s Best Chocolate Chip Cookies | Tasting Table Los Angeles

Our favorite chocolate chip cookies in L.A.

Pour a glass of milk and get excited. Here are ten wonderful takes on the most classic of desserts: the good old-fashioned chocolate chip cookie.

Nancy's Favorite Cookie at Short Cake ($2)

Made from Nancy Silverton's personal recipe, this cookie–studded with huge chunks of TCHO chocolate and hinted with vanilla—is a taste of pure Americana.

Salty Chocolate Chip Cookie at Quenelle ($2.75)

Former Lukshon pastry chef Jason Park accentuates his cookie with a light sprinkling of sea salt. They're also as big as a compact disc (if you remember those).

Chocolate Chip Cookie at Proof Bakery ($2)
If you love dark chocolate, then this Atwater Village treat is your jam: There's a huge chocolaty pocket in the cookie's center and the outside is a perfect balance between crispy and chewy.

Chocolate Chip Cookie at Diddy Riese (3 for $1) The only thing better than a couple of fresh-from-the-oven cookies at this Westwood institution? A scoop of vanilla ice cream between them.

Chocolate Chip Rye Cookie at Sycamore Kitchen ($2)
Rye flour and a drizzle of honey give this rustic baked good a hearty edge. Spoiler alert: It's still super delicious.

Chocolate Chip Cookie at Tavern ($2)
Would you expect anything less than perfection from Suzanne Goin and Caroline Styne? These crunchy, toffee-like cookies have the deepest, richest flavor in town.

Durango Cookie at Valerie Confections ($2.25)
Studded with milk chocolate chips, roasted almonds, cocoa nibs and hickory smoked salt, Valerie Gordon's signature cookies are as unique as they are tasty.

Chocolate Chip Cookie at Ramekin ($2.50)
These purposely under-baked cookies–heated in the oven just before serving–are little rounds of gooey joy. You're gonna need a fork.

Loaded Chocolate Chip Cookie at Stella Barra ($3)
Chef Jeff Mahin may be known for his pizza, but his built-for-two cookies are phenomenal. Look for variations topped with walnuts, marshmallows or candied bacon.

Chocolate Chip Cookie at Huckleberry ($2.50)
Soft and cakey, this is the dream cookie of your childhood. Even better? They double up on the chunks of Valrhona chocolate.