Best Chocolate Chip Cookies From NYC Bakeries | Tasting Table NYC

The city's best chocolate chip cookies

Oh god, we just ate a lot of cookies. Someone had to. After rigorous taste-testing dozens of worthy contenders, here, in no particular order, are our picks for the city's chocolatiest best.

Jacques Torres ($3)

This large, flat specimen is drizzled with chocolate,  yielding a likably changing taste–fudgy and decadent in one bite, then crisp and sweet the next.

Maison Kayser ($3)

Sometimes you want a chocolate cookie with your chocolate chips. Eric Kayser of the international chain bakes a fine bittersweet one that's rich and "everything I want," according to one taster.

Almondine Bakery ($2.50)

The Dumbo bakery bounced back from Sandy-shuttering. Herve Poussot's wide, crunchy, caramelly cookies are still on point.

Blue Ribbon Bakery Market ($1)

The Bromberg brothers master thin, crispy cookies with melty chocolate. But don't confuse thin and crispy for dry and dusty–these guys have just the right amount of doughy give.

Baked ($2.75)

Contrary to its name, this Red Hook bakery makes a slightly under-baked cookie, giving it an ooey, gooey pecan pie-y thing we like.

Pommes Palais ($7 for 8 cookies)

Michel Richard's version may look like some sort of healthy biscuit, but we're fans of the sweet-enough, nutty (walnuts!) flavor and soft crumb.

Amy's Bread ($2.50)

This bakery standby makes a mean cookie, hitting the right balance of textures: crisp edges, soft center.

Du Jour Bakery ($1.25)

"YUM," went one particularly scientific tasting note for these pretty (and pretty delicious) cookies from Talde's former bread bakers, TJ and Vera Obias. Their versions amps up the chocolate to dough ratio, making for one sweet bite.

Bouchon Bakery ($3)

More proof that Thomas Keller can do no wrong: His chocolate chunk cookies are super buttery and taste like homemade would taste if Thomas Keller lived in your home.

The Smile ($3.50)

A little sea salt goes a long way at this cult Noho café. Brenna White puts a little crunch in each bite, nicely accentuating the slightly bitter chocolate chunks.