Downtown Torta Crawl | Tasting Table Los Angeles

Head to Downtown for a tour de torta

Let's salute the Torta: A sandwich for all seasons.

You may think you think you know this Mexican delight, but chances are you haven't experienced the full breadth (get it?) of its potential. We've complied some of our new favorites in Los Angeles. If you've got the appetite, you could try to complete an epic torta crawl in one day. Our suggestion: Bring a friend.

Torta Milanesa (Photo: Torta Company)

Torta Company
Start at Jimmy Shaw's new outpost located in the FIGat7th food court. The Loteria Grill chef bakes his own telera rolls inhouse, which are perfect for sopping up the chipotle aioli and black beans slathered on each side. We favored the gooey choriqueso ($8) made with thin slices of sirloin, ground chorizo and a healthy layer of melted Jack cheese.

Tortas Ahogadas Ameca
Head down to East Los Angeles if you want to get sloppy. The specialty at this family-run restaurant is–you guessed it–the torta ahogada ($6), a "drowned" pork sandwich smothered in a ladleful of red chile sauce and a handful of sliced onions. Like the French Dip's evil twin, it's a meaty, messy, spicy delight.

Torta Cubana at Super Tortas D.F.

Super Tortas D.F.
Food blogger Bill Esparza recently tipped us off to this easy-to-miss trailer parked along Central Ave. in South Central L.A. Thursday through Sunday evenings. The Mexico City-style cubana torta ($7) is an utter Dagwood, neatly layered with breaded pork milanesa, shaved pork loin, ham, sliced hot dogs, cheese, avocado, refried beans, a scrambled egg and chipotle and jalapeños chilies. Phew, that's a mouthful.