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Three taco trucks worth chasing after

South Florida, you've done us proud.

Considering we typically think of our Latin American staples as croquetas and empanadas, we're delighted to report that we've finally been nationally recognized for our tacos. Take that Los Angeles!

According to votes collected by Mobile Cuisine for its annual Food Truck Taco of 2014 awards, three local food trucks made the top 15 finalists. We took to the streets to judge for ourselves:

BC Tacos' "gourmet" creations include oxtail, lobster, octopus and braised shank

B.C. Tacos: Remember these two words and thank us later: fried avocados. Have them in their royal splendor in The Gatherer taco or add them as a topping to any of your favorites. Keep an eye out for specials, such as the coconut curry oxtail taco, oyster po-boy taco or the ropa vieja taco in a homemade plantain hard shell.

Jefe's Original Fish Taco and Burger: Proof that, when done right, simpler is better. With only two taco options, this UM favorite has mastered the art of perfectly roasted pork carnitas and fish tacos crisped in a Tecate beer batter that will have you chasing the truck all the way to Baja. Although you may think you need more than the two dollops of hot sauce accompanying the tacos, trust that they'll provide more than the necessary kick.

Box of Chacos: When trying to describe these Chinese-meets-Mexican street food creations, words escape us. Peking duck, sweet chile short rib, ancho soy glazed chicken, tuna tartare, quinoa–the list of impeccably seasoned, unexpected taco fillings goes on and on. Add a side of the Schichimi tots to your order and you'll be screaming, "Viva la Chinexican revolution!'

Chase after these trailblazing trucks (which may lead you to unexpected places, like a BBQ and Bluegrass Festival at the Yesteryear Village. Don't ask) to cast your own vote.