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Burgers and cheesesteaks from the Beer Belly crew

Wes Lieberher's epic cheesesteaks were a little-known secret at Koreatown's Beer Belly.

They weren't on the menu, but the South Philly-born chef would occasionally whip up a batch, much to the delight of regulars.

"It got to point where we decided the cheesesteaks needed their own home," says owner Jimmy Han.

After a short, and perhaps stumbling, post-IPA walk around the corner from Beer Belly, you'll spot Whiz–a minuscule take-out shop offering burgers, hoagies, cheesesteaks and wings–marked by a swirling black-and-white graffiti mural. 

The Whiz Wit

True to its name, Lieberher concocts his own version of Cheez Whiz from scratch using a secret mixture of cheeses. The molten yellow plasma is drizzled over thin slices of top round and onions as they sizzle on the flattop. Folded into a nine-inch Amoroso roll, imported straight from PA, the Whiz Wit ($7) is a beefy two-fisted creation that requires copious napkins.

If there was an award for best use of that cheese, however, it would go to the Sriracha Beast Fries ($4), a tantalizing and messy combo that includes rooster sauce-enhanced Thousand Island dressing and melted onions layered over crinkle-cut fries.

Don't mind eating off the hood of a car or at a curbside picnic tables? You're in the right place. Our bellies couldn't be happier that we can now get those cheesesteaks anytime we want.