It's All In The Name

A party inspired by Barbara Lynch and Food Should Taste Good™

Earlier this month, some lucky Tasting Table readers crowded into The Butcher Shop in Boston for a special evening with Barbara Lynch where she prepared a selection of hand-crafted canapés. Highlights from the menu included sweet potato croquettes with spiced yogurt and chive biscuits filled with pork belly rillons. All of the dishes were inspired by Food Should Taste Good™, makers of some of the country's best chips and crackers.

Want to bring a taste of Chef Lynch's menu to your next party? Try out these recipes inspired by the event:

Put on a Spread
Start with snacks: baskets of Sweet Potato Chips and The Works chips with bowls of Yogurt-Feta Dip (see the recipe) and Blue Crab Dip (see the recipe).

Ladles Up
Serve a wintry pot of Duck Confit Chowder (see the recipe) with a batch of warm, flaky Chedder Scallion Biscuits (see the recipe).

For the Win

If you really want to awe them, make Chef Lynch's signature Prune-Stuffed Gnocchi with Foie Gras Butter Sauce (see the recipe). 

If this is how Food Should Taste Good chips inspire a great chef, just imagine what they can bring to your party.