Rose Bakery In Dover Street Market | Tasting Table NYC

Dover Street Market's new Rose Bakery is one stylish spot

One dude in a neon aubergine sweater and blueberry-hued knit beanie. Two sweeping cobalt, floor-length wool coats. And black. A sea of impeccable, utterly chic black.

Such are the sartorial statements on view at Rose Bakery, located inside Murray Hill's tony new Dover Street Market. (It is Fashion Week, after all.)

Opened by Commes des Garçons' Adrian Joffe, the compact, multi-level DSM is a high-concept fashion collective, stocking the likes of Yang Li, Christopher Kane and Jil Sander.

So what better way to feed the smartly dressed set than with pizettes and pastries from an offshoot of a famous Parisian pâtisserie? More modern than the original, Rose Bakery has style in spades thanks to a floor-to-ceiling column dressed in a multicolored patchwork knit by artist Magda Sayeg.

Stainless steel cases hold an array of sweets. The fruitcake ($6) is surprisingly good. The hazelnut and almond tart ($7) is pecan pie's posher, Gauloises-smoking cousin and our new favorite dessert.

The savory menu changes daily. We tried an individual square of deliciously eggy quiche ($15) was loaded with roasted pumpkin and bubbling ricotta. The thin-crusted pizette ($15), just larger than a salad plate and topped with sweet caramelized onions and anchovies, was less of a commitment.

But if you're thinking of trying on that Saint Laurent dress after lunch, let us suggest the bakery's signature assiette de legumes, a vegetable plate composed of items like grated carrot salad, shaved fennel with avocado and grapefruit, and rutabaga and chard gratin ($13 for a choice of three salads; $17 for five).

Or perhaps you'd like a soft-boiled egg ($9) served with toast soldiers and the cutest miniature bottle of Marmite you've ever seen.

Marmite: It's the new black.

Rose Bakery, a new outpost of the Parisian patissiere located inside the Dover Street Market fashion collective, serves simple but stylish fare. Here, pastry chef Matthew Lodes and manager Scott Boggs sip espresso.

Patrons at Rose Bakery are, unsurprisingly, a chic bunch.

Chefs are hard at work behind the stainless steel pastry case. Our new favorite dessert? The bakery's almond hazelnut tart.

Lunch is served.

Aritst Magda Sayed's colorful patchwork knit column is a centerpiece of the dining room.

The quiche changes daily; here, a version with hedgehog mushrooms and chives.

The bakery's signature assiette de legumes, a beautifully composed vegetable plate, and the daily quiche with greens.

Head upstairs from the bakery, and you'll find clothing from the likes of Commes des Garçons, Saint Laurent and Jil Sander.