L.A. Chapter At The Ace Hotel | Enjoy A Proper California Brunch | Tasting Table Los Angeles

Enjoy a proper California brunch at Ace Hotel's L.A. Chapter

We assume you–like everyone else in L.A., it seems–has heard about the new Ace Hotel.

Design enthusiasts are geeking out over the restored Spanish Gothic theatre. Music fans are salivating over the Amoeba-curated record collection. Scenesters are obsessing over the stylish rooftop bar, Upstairs.

But us? We just wanna brunch.

L.A. Chapter Dining Room (Photo: Ace Hotel)

At the Ace's lobby restaurant, L.A. Chapter, you can start your day with the type of nourishing California breakfast you might aspire to cook at home: Avocado toast ($7) punched up with Aleppo pepper, brûléed ruby red grapefruit with pickled ginger and mint ($8), and thick, airy waffles ($14) made from malted buckwheat and topped with honeycomb-thickened butter.

The less-dainty Big Breakfast ($16) allows you to create the SoCal equivalent of the full English. You can mix and match sides of grilled chorizo, thick-cut bacon, roasted tomatoes and sautéed kale to accompany your scrambled eggs and latke-like hash browns.

Chef Ken Addington, who hails from the Ace Brooklyn's Five Leaves, becomes more innovative during lunch. The lamb sandwich with phô dip ($16), stuffed with both slices of roasted leg meat and gamey rillettes, is a clever homage to Philippes, though you'll likely be too enamored by the bowl of aromatic consommé on the side to give it much thought.

Securing one of the shiny brass tables can be a challenge on weekends, so temper your wait with a cocktail at the marble-top bar. The Jalisco Caesar ($10), a tequila concoction dashed with Clamato and Cholula, packs a spicier punch than the usual Bloody Mary.

That's the kind of hotel wake-up call we prefer.