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Game-day food shouldn't involve a bucket or a Colonel

Admit it: You're going to hate-watch the Niners-free Super Bowl. We are, too.

Of course, there's the dilemma of putting out a Super Bowl spread when you actually care about what you're eating. Cold, oily wings: easy, yet possibly horrifying. An artisan salumi and cheese plate: Do you really want to be that person?

Instead, serve platters of food you can pick up with your hands but may not want to put down:

Bun Mee just opened a location in the Financial District in addition to the Fillmore one. Both will sell Vietnamese sandwiches by the tray; our favorites are the combo ($67 for 10) and the meatball ($70 for 10). You can also get summer rolls ($35 for 15) by the tray. Bonus: online ordering, plus delivery.

If you've been to Off the Grid, you may have bought Argentine empanadas from the El Sur van. Marianne Despres, a French Laundry alumna, now sells her turnovers through Good Eggs ($22 for six full-sized empanadas, $28 for 10 miniature). Their buttery crusts will heat up beautifully during the halftime show.

Sunrise Deli's five locations only require a day's notice to assemble party platters ($70) with sesame-studded falafel, hummus, smoky babaghanouj, cucumber-yogurt sauce and, of course, a mountain of pita to scoop it all up with. Tack on another $20 and you'll get heaps of kabobs and shawarma, too.