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Food Lovers' Guide to L.A. is packed with edible adventures

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Up for a road trip?

After thumbing through the new Food Lover's Guide to Los Angeles ($16), a sprawling guide that catalogs some of the city's most unique eats, we were ready to fuel up and head out.

Author Cathy Chaplin–the voice behind the popular food blog Gastronomy–shares hints on finding hulking cemitas in Van Nuys (page 130), Vietnamese desserts in Rosemead (page 184) or wings and waffles in Inglewood (page 201).

"Hopefully, it's something people keep in their glove compartments," says Chaplin, who sought input from chefs, writers and other food experts when compiling her handy tome.

"It really took a village to write this book," explains Chaplin. "The L.A. food scene is so vast and diverse that I don't think one person could capture it."

What the book lacks in glossy pictures and trendy restaurants it makes up for in its comprehensive high-low breadth. Along with restaurants, there are sections for food festivals, specialty stores and farmers' markets.

There's also a collection of iconic recipes from L.A. chefs, including Roy Choi, Ricardo Zarate and David LeFevre. Chaplin swears by Diep Tran's recipe for rich chicken curry potpie, a favorite at Highland Park's Good Girl Dinette.

It's enough to keep us busy–and full–for quite a while.