Blaze Pizza | Chicago

Blaze Pizza makes cracker crust pizza in no time at all

Chicagoans don't like to admit it, but not every pizza needs to be three inches thick.

In other words, we're obsessed with Blaze Pizza's thin, crispy, salty, char-spotted cracker crust.

The counter-service pizza place, which just opened in Lakeview, claims that they can get a custom-made pizza to you in 180 seconds. For fun, we timed them: Ours went from order to table in about four and a half minutes. Not too shabby.

But can a pizza made that quickly be good? Yes, it can. On top of that ideal crust, the Green Stripe ($8) came loaded with roasted red peppers, bubbly melted mozzarella and a slick of basil pesto. With a sprinkling of sea salt and a dash of oregano, lunch was complete.

The Meat Eater ($8), covered with red onions, pepperoni and crumbled meatballs that have a hint of heat, is good enough to satisfy the most demanding of carnivores.

In addition to trying the pies, don't leave Blaze without getting a S'more: They roast in the pizza oven until they're nice and gooey. When the dark, warm, marshmallow-fluff-spotted chocolate spurts onto your chin, you'll know why it's worth it.