Did Someone Say Dim Sum? | Midtown, Miami

Innovative Chinese fare at Midtown's Blackbrick

Richard Hales has done it again. 

The chef tackles traditional Chinese fare with the same kind of innovative techniques he used to make Sakaya Kitchen one of the most renowned Asian fusion spots in the city.

Located right across the field from its sister restaurant in Midtown, Blackbrick's open kitchen has stools alongside it for those of us who enjoy watching the song and dance of the masters at work.

Kitchen counter seating for the curious

Perhaps the most exciting part of the menu is the ever-changing selection of intricate dim sum dishes that will be served daily–a rarity in Miami.

You must try the Donbei lamb tongue Lao Bing flatbread from the Chinese bread menu ($8): Think of a crunchy empanada wrapped in dumpling dough, with tender and savory ground meat, enhanced with tangy fiery Sichuan chile oil sauce.

Dongbei lamb tongue Lao Bing flatbread

Before you cast off gourds for the season, delight in the pumpkin sweet and sour sauce that accompanies the vegetable & shrimp spring rolls ($6).

Blackbrick is one of the first restaurants in Miami to offer dandan mian– the 18-inch homemade noodles ($12) with Berkshire pork and Sichuan pepper will have you twirling your chopsticks with childlike enthusiasm.