Jugofresh Food Menu | South Beach, Miami

Kale migrates from chips and Caesar salad to ceviche

Okay, Miami, time to gloat: We can eat cool, nourishing salads and slushy açaí bowls at Jugofresh in January without catching a chill.

The city's gold standard for juicing launched a new food menu in October, although you might have missed it in the gastronomic landslide of the holiday season.

New year, new start: Visit the Sunset Harbour shop to stock your refrigerator with vibrant vegetable meals like banh mi maki ($10). When it's time to eat, dip the earthy, crunchy cucumber, carrot and mint rolls in a punchy sauce of Bragg's Liquid Aminos, rice wine vinegar and sesame seeds.

Jugofresh Indonesian almond kelp noodles

Definitely get the kale coconut ceviche ($8), too. Jugofresh founder Matthew Sherman explains, "We marinate coconut meat with lime juice like you would ceviche, adding cilantro and a touch of grey sea salt." The resulting tangle of fresh coconut, kale and avocado packs a wallop of texture and acidity.

We also crave the Indonesian "peanut" noodles ($10): A Sriracha, tahini, ginger and sesame oil sauce bathes almonds and chewy, translucent kelp noodles.

The Jugofresh empire is growing like a Chia Pet, with locations in Coral Gables, South Pointe and Wynwood expected to open later this winter. Soon you'll be able to get a superfood fix no matter where you are.