Citi Urbanspace Challenge 2018

Cooking competitions are a dime a dozen nowadays—up-and-coming chefs, a bizarre challenge and a moderate cash prize—but this one is something entirely different. It makes a difference for both individuals and communities, and you get to play the role of food critic.

The Citi Urbanspace Challenge in New York is helping discover the culinary entrepreneurs of tomorrow, giving small businesses the chance to shine in a city-wide spotlight. It's now down to three finalists, who are popping up at Mad. Sq. Eats (September 8 to October 5), Broadway Bites (September 24 to November 2) and the Garment District (September 17 to October 26) this fall. The prize? A three-month lease in Urbanspace's 570 Lexington food hall, and your vote will help determine the winner.


Citi is connecting local chefs to local communities by giving the three finalists an opportunity to bring their food to the heart of Manhattan. All of the finalists are proud of their neighborhoods, their cuisines and their messages, and are excited to share all three with the city. And when you meet the three finalists in the video above, their passion is immediately evident as they share what winning would mean to them.

Watch the video to learn more about the challenge, as well as the three finalists—Soulfull Sandwiches, Destination Dumplings and Bacchanal Sauce—and where you can try their food before voting on a winner. Visit an Urbanspace pop-up between September 8 and November 2, and cast your vote for one of the three finalists. For more details, visit