Comfort Food Recipes With Canned Tomatoes

Brighten up winter recipes with tomatoes that taste fresh off the vine

We look forward to winter for one reason: The cold weather means it's perfectly appropriate to make our favorite comfort foods. (And also means we're excited to throw our favorite kitchen tool into heavy rotation—the Instant Pot.) One easy way we've found to improve classics is with Tuttorosso Tomatoes. These Italian-inspired canned tomatoes should be a pantry staple, thanks to their just-picked flavor that adds an unexpected brightness to the heartiest of fare. From stews to mac and cheese, here's how we're adding a fresh-from-the-vine taste to our winter dishes.

Make a Pot Roast in Record Time

Instead of hours, an Instant Pot makes this classic (get the recipe) in just about an hour.

Layer Up on Lasagna

Your old-school Italian favorite is somehow even more delicious in dip form (get the recipe).

Make Stick-to-Your-Bones Short Ribs

Simplify dinner with the all-in-one cooker that also happens to be the best way to make succulent short ribs (get the recipe).

This Knockout Ragout Doesn't Even Need Meat

Eggplant is the secret ingredient for a ragout(get the recipe) even dedicated carnivores will love.

The Best Mac & Cheese for Chilly Nights

Gnocchi and plenty of cheese make this dish (get the recipe) extra creamy, while Tuttorosso Tomatoes pack just enough punch to keep it interesting.

Meatballs Your Grandma Would Approve Of

A rich sauce—conveniently made with canned tomatoes—makes this a dish(get the recipe) that almost doesn't need pasta to shine.

Heat Up Winter with Spicy Bloody Marys

Ditch the premade bottled stuff for a richer-flavored DIY mixer (get the recipe) that captures the essence of tomatoey goodness.