Hawaii's Most Popular Food On Instagram

If you needed yet another reason to book that ticket, these picturesque meals are calling your name

If you didn't Instagram it, did it even happen? That's the question all social–sharing junkies wrestle with, particularly when there's gorgeous, enviable food involved. With its fresh, colorful food and tropical backdrop, Hawaii makes for one of the most Insta–worthy places out there. And although every meal in gourmet paradise is probably worth a post, there are a few foods in particular that have started to dominate the Instagram scene. The six foods below are the state's most shareable—they're so good–looking, you won't even need a filter.

Poke Bowls

Saucy, spicy and salty, these classic bowls of seasoned raw fish show off the variety of colorful seafood that helps Hawaii thrive. Snap a pic, then dig in.

Stick Doughnuts

Doughnuts are already one of Instagram's favorite foods, and Maui's famous doughnuts on sticks kick the trend into high gear. You'll find them at T Komoda Store & Bakery, a century–old bakery in Makawao that's been serving up airy, crispy, glazed perfection on a stick since 1916. Stop by for a portable snack and help this doughy genius take the Internet by storm.

Acai Bowls

Acai bowls, thick smoothie bowls packed with fruit, coconut, peanut butter and other healthy toppings, are a beautiful way to fuel—and chronicle—your Hawaii vacation.

SPAM Musubi

Hawaii residents have struck gold with this weirdly wonderful version of the island classic. Though marinated SPAM wrapped in seaweed and rice might sound strange, the taste is truly out of this world. Post a picture of this curious creation and watch the likes roll in.

Saimin Noodles

Hawaii's answer to comfort food is saimin, a noodle soup developed in China and inspired by Japanese ramen. The soft noodles and hot dashi are a killer combination, and the bright toppings and meaty add-ons make for a fully loaded bowl. Your Instagram followers won't be able to get enough.

Shave Ice

In Hawaii, shave ice is a way of life. Shaved from a literal block of ice and topped with bright–colored syrups, this rainbow treat is an Instagram dream. And with flavors like guava, passion fruit, mango and coconut cream, it's hard to settle on just one heaping serving.