Get Healthy With Penguin Audiobooks

Bring these audiobooks into your life and these health-conscious recipes into your kitchen

Keep it healthy in the kitchen this holiday season and learn some new tips and tricks from Penguin Random House Audio. Visit for inspirational finds and pair with these delicious, healthy recipes. You'll soon be on your way to a healthier you.

What Does Your Gut Tell You?

Is a healthy gut the answer to a healthy body? The authors of The Good Gut think so. Learn about how your gut affects your overall well-being in this well-researched book, and while you're at it, whip up Sandor Katz's Sauerkraut (get the recipe) to get the good flora flourishing.

Banish That Sweet Tooth

Everyone is looking for ways to cut down on sugar. Take some tips from The Case Against Sugar while you throw together these delicious—and low-in-sugar—Almond-Quinoa Energy Bars (get the recipe). Prepackaged granola bars, be gone!

What You Eat Matters

Who has time to keep up with the latest claims on superfoods, the dirty dozen, farming practices and fad diets? Renowned chef and author Mark Bittman, that's who. Listen to A Bone to Pick while preparing this healthful and hearty Farro with Sweet Potatoes, Braised Kale and Celery Root (get the recipe) as a jumping off point to a healthier you.

The Simple Life

If you're tired of all the material obsession in today's culture, then Wellth is the perfect audiobook for you. Blend yourself a go-to Green Juice (get the recipe) and use the healthy leftovers to make Pulp Muffins (get the recipe) while you contemplate simplifying both your life and your diet.

An Overwhelming Task

Eat this; don't eat that. If Our Bodies Could Talk explores the health recommendations that seem to change daily, giving you plenty of time to make Fried Chickpeas (get the recipe) that might satisfy some of those not-so-healthy cravings.