Healthier Holiday Ideas With White Claw Hard Seltzer

Have your best and healthiest holiday yet with White Claw Hard Seltzer

'Tis the season for a jam-packed social schedule—whether it's holiday gatherings, office cocktail parties, family feasts or seasonal travel. Keep up with all the festivities by treating your body right, with tips from White Claw Hard Seltzer.

Update seasonal favorites by nixing heavy ingredients for dishes that are fresh and bright, and make sure you curb mindless snacking by eating well on the go. There are plenty of opportunities to let yourself indulge during party season—just don't go overboard.

Check out these seven tips for healthier holidays. Cheers!

A Nutty Idea

Before you head out to the big office holiday party, snack on some protein-rich nuts to curb your hunger so you won't overeat (or drink on an empty stomach). Try these savory roasted almonds with crispy herbs (get the recipe), dressed in their holiday finest.

Spike the Punch

In charge of drinks for a holiday party? Make a batch of this simple holiday punch (get the recipe)—but trade the sparkling wine for a generous dose of White Claw Ruby Grapefruit for a lighter drink that will keep guests dancing the night away.

Better Snacks for the Plane

Make sure you eat well while traveling by bringing your own snack on the plane or car trip. These nutrient-packed granola bars (get the recipe) will satisfy that sweet tooth and keep you full until you reach your final destination.

The Holiday Fixer Elixir

This batchable Winter Sangria (get the recipe) will certainly heighten any holiday gathering by way of fresh apple, pear and blood orange slices. Lighten things up by swapping the brandy for White Claw Black Cherry, using equal parts seltzer and red wine.

Get Sauced

Gravy is often heavy and cream based—for a more flavorful, exciting option, spoon a vinegar-laced herb sauce (get the recipe) over holiday pork, beef or lamb roasts.

Bake a Nutrient-Packed Breakfast

Skip butter-heavy pastries in favor of baked goods that use alternative fats. Try swapping the oil for applesauce in your favorite banana bread recipe or make these Goji-Poppy Bran Muffins (get the recipe) that are baked with Greek yogurt and skim milk.

A Very Merry Holiday Brunch

Holiday brunches don't have to knock you out for the rest of the day—instead, try these sparkling pear cocktails (see the recipe) at your next family gathering. Just use White Claw Natural Lime in place of the wine and lemon juice—you might even skip that post-brunch nap.