7 Spots Across The Country For The Perfect Picnic

7 unforgettable spots to put down your picnic blanket

The picnic is in the eye of the picnicker. Sure, there's the gingham blanket and woven basket ordeal, but it can be so much more than that. And it starts with what you're drinking.

Think outside the box (or should we say, picnic basket) for a more memorable (and Insta-worthy) picnic spread. Explore cities across the country offering a blank canvas for unforgettable picnic experiences. From Middle Eastern meze on NYC's Governors Island to gelato in Chicago's Grant Park, don't forget to pack S.Pellegrino® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water—the perfect complement to any summer feast.

Governors Island, New York

Stranded in New York Bay is a little island with a long history. Thanks to a recent revitalization, this former coast guard outpost is now open to the public in summer months. Manhattanites and Brooklynites alike can easily hop on a ferry, take to the sea and arrive ashore on Governors Island. Set up a picnic on The Hills, open for the first time this season, or on the island's west side for views of the Statue of Liberty.

Point Dume State Beach, Los Angeles

Jutting out into Santa Monica Bay, Point Dume offers a scene unlike any other. And as far as picnics on the beach go, Point Dume State Beach is a serious contender for an A+. Take a drive away from the traffic and gaze at the foaming ocean from your place on the sand. With food, of course.

Elevate the Occasion

Add some sparkle to your picnic with the crisp effervescence of S.Pellegrino®. Enjoy chilled alongside a cheese plate for the perfect complement to this summer moment.

Grant Park, Chicago

Grant Park is the quintessential urban park experience in the Windy City. Located along the water, the park has something for every picnicker—from the thought-provoking Agora sculptures to the flower-filled Lurie Garden. So go with your mood or herd mentality when choosing a spot to sprawl out on.

Gas Works Park, Seattle

The former home of the Seattle Gas Light Company is now a green space along Lake Union. Sure, it's a bit strange to lie in the grass and look up at an old rusted industrial plant, but somehow, the juxtaposition makes sense in the normally drizzly Pacific Northwest. Head to this uncanny spot with your S.Pellegrino® for a picnic off the beaten path.

Crandon Park, Miami

When it comes to picnicking in Miami, you'll always wind up at the beach. Crandon Park is located on Key Biscayne (an island just across from the city center) and offers a bit of respite from the club scene. With a wide array of nature centers, picnic-designated spots and, naturally, beachfront sand, this park provides ample opportunity to take in both sun and sea.

Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia

As it goes in Philly, all things are rich with history—Rittenhouse Square included. Dating back to the colonial days of William Penn, this public park has been a fixture of the city since its inception—with some even heralding it as the country's first park. Go ahead and inject yourself into the story.

Tank Hill, San Francisco

A panoramic view is hard to pass up. And while most hills in San Francisco are daunting, Tank Hill is of a literally higher caliber. Head up top and find a patch of grass (or even a bench), and you'll be rewarded with a look out over the city and into the bay. Just don't look down too often.