Tasting Table's Best Instagram Food Photos

Tasting Table's most-loved Instagram photos of 2015

This year, we hashtagged like there was no tomorrow. We celebrated 200,000 Instagram followers and played with the new 2015 filters like kids in a toy store. You double-clicked on them—all we had to do was take the photos (and taste test, of course).

Here are the 10 most-liked posts of the year from our Instagram account.

International love (and the grand prize) goes to Toronto's Bang Bang Ice Cream, where you can get a Hong Kong egg waffle wrapped around scoops of cinnamon toast and banana crème pie ice cream.

Our followers' Thanksgiving pies looked a whole lot prettier this year, thanks to big crimpin' items like a corkscrew, spoon and kitchen tongs.

Butter makes everything better, and chive-specked mashed potatoes are surely no exception.

We made French onion soup without the fuss by letting the slow cooker do all the work.

These chef-made lamb chops with salsa verde should inspire you to check out one of Tasting Table's awesome events.

We dedicate the success of this two-second video to new photo app Boomerang, but the subject matter (Levain Bakery's famous cookies) doesn't hurt.

We had charcuterie for days (with grapes for balance) from Olympia Provisions and gave our followers the meat sweats just by scrolling through its feed.

There was a lot to celebrate at our third annual Open Market event, especially these fried chicken and glazed eggplant steamed buns from Yusho.

If you think a three-layer cake screams "celebrate," try 18 layers, held together by sweet, creamy mascarpone filling.

We love Breads Bakery 365 days a year, but especially during the eight nights of Hanukkah, thanks to these puffy doughnuts.