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This Russian Hill spot proves tapas are timeless

In October, Tasting Table asked readers for their favorite neighborhood gems. Now we're introducing the winning picks.

Zarzuela has always occupied a romantic corner of Russian Hill–the hum and clack of the cable car line entering the door with each customer, its large domed window looking onto a tree-lined stretch of Hyde.

Andy Debbane and chef Lucas Gasco, who hails from Madrid, opened the restaurant almost 20 years ago. They've settled into that kind of smooth, low-key groove that too few restaurants earn.

You can find upscale California-styled Spanish food elsewhere. Zarzuela is where you go for an unfussy meal of traditional tapas and glasses of Verdejo or Rueda.

Unfussy means almond-stuffed dates ($8) wrapped in pancetta and grilled, the salty crackle of the cured pork containing the dried fruits' sugars, or a fluffy tortilla española ($6) that tastes more like a savory cake than a potato-onion omelet.

Gasco's strength is in preparing humble dishes properly, like a salad of romaine lettuce ($8), good-quality canned tuna and roasted red peppers drizzled with a discreet splash of sherry vinegar, and lamb chops ($13/23) cut thin so they cook quickly on the plancha without charring or drying out.

It's simple food that never gets dull, no matter how often you eat it.

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