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Sugarfina in Beverly Hills offers candy with grown-up appeal

The old saying goes: Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker.

We say, why not both?

At Sugarfina, Beverly Hills' first "boutique candy store," many of the most popular selections aren't exactly aimed toward children: You'll find gummy candies flavored like rosé champagne and rum-tinged Cuba Libres, absinthe liqueur cordials, candy-coated martini olive almonds and sugar-dusted peach Bellini drops.

Malibu-based owners Rose O'Neil and Josh Resnick launched Sugarfina as an online store last year, selling gourmet candies sourced from trips through Europe and Asia. Like cult wine importers, Sugarfina has an interesting knack for finding exotic treats unavailable anywhere else in the country.

(Photo: Sugarfina)

At their brick-and-mortar outlet, walls of colorful candies come packaged in plastic cubes ($7 to $8). You'll find salty licorice from Holland, delicate confetti dolci from Italy and Tahitian vanilla malted milk balls.

Like any high-end boutique, there's a "candy concierge" available to help you assemble mix-and-match bento boxes. At their tasting bar, you can also buy smaller bags ($2 to $3) for when your sweet tooth demands immediate attention.

On our visit, we picked up some candy cane caramels and marzipan lemon cakes for someone on our list and some Swedish fish for ourselves.

One for you, one for them. It's the most satisfying way to do holiday shopping, after all.