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We can't find a reason to leave Gotham West Market

Gotham West Market, the ambitious, highly anticipated 10,000 square-foot industrial-chic food court has finally landed on the far west side. It's not close to anything but it's definitely worth a detour. There's lots to eat, drink and shop here and, hey, comfy seating nooks and free Wifi. Let's make a day of it:

Genuine Roadside | Little Chef

Might as well make a day of it. Once inside the ambitious 10,000 square-foot, industrial chic space (the latter day successor to the food court), you'll find a dream team of eight top-notch purveyors, as well as comfortable seating nooks and free Wi-Fi.

Your game plan:

10 a.m.: Start things off right at the city's newest outpost of Blue Bottle coffee. Yes, it's cold out there, but we still want the nutty sweetness and caffeine wallop of a New Orleans iced coffee ($4) brewed with chicory. Have a vanilla saffron-snickerdoodle ($2), because, c'mon: vanilla saffron-snickerdoodle.

The Cannibal | The hungry crowd

Noon: Have we mentioned this is the first place in town to get a taste of Ivan Ramen's noodles? Prioritize with a big bowl of the good stuff from the Slurp Shop. The roasted garlic mazemen ($13) uses a double-chicken-and-dashi-soup base that lightly coats the rye noodles. Add some chili-garlic oil ($1) and round out lunch with a rice bowl stacked with ample salmon roe, whitefish, cucumber and scallions ($12).

The Brooklyn Kitchen

2 p.m.: While away the afternoon by perusing shelves stocked with cookware, books and ingredients at The Brooklyn Kitchen. Take a class with a visiting chef or pick up some local produce to play chef at home.

4 p.m.: Stop by Little Chef, the counter from Saltie's Caroline Fidanza, to recharge with her classic Ship's Biscuit ($10)–soft scrambled eggs and ricotta piled high between two slabs of focaccia. Or, pick up a patty melt ($10) on Orwasher's Rye from Court Street Grocers.

7 p.m.: Can't choose between the small-plates offering of The Cannibal or El Comado from Seamus Mullen of Tertulia? Try both. We're crushing on the lamb tartare ($17) from the former and crispy hominy with chilies, lime and cilantro ($4) from the latter.

Blue Bottle Coffee | Court Street Grocers Sandwich Shop

8 p.m.: It's been a long day, you've earned an orange-and-ginger Push-Up milkshake ($5.05) from Genuine Roadside for the long trek home.