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Double down on mini-burgers in Hollywood

Imagine if you could conjoin flavors of Chick-Fil-A and In-N-Out, while simultaneously shrinking them into smaller packages. Not a bad idea, eh?

Said love child would be Twins Sliders, a retro burger chain opened by George Abou-Daoud (the restaurateur behind The Bowery and a half-dozen other restaurants), where the slider is king.

Like its fellow new-wave fast food sibling Top Round, the menu at Twins Sliders is short: Sliders come in packages of two ($6), one being a juicy fried chicken patty dressed with "Cajun" sauce and pickles, the other a cheeseburger made with a slightly square patty, yellow cheese, caramelized onions, more pickles and a secret sauce reminiscent of Thousand Island.

With takeout locations in Hollywood and the Fairfax corridor–both painted a gaudy but eye-catching combo of rust orange and powder blue–Twins Sliders is tailor-made for post-concert noshing (the new Oki Dog, anyone?).

Plus, you can crush further cravings with "dirty" shoestring fries ($3.50) covered in melted cheese and secret sauce or the superb date shake ($6), similar to the kind you get on the long drive to Palm Springs.

We can't exactly recommend The Big One ($20), a diabetes-inducing 44-ounce shake blended with 20 different candies and a whole Twinkie.

It's one combo you may want to pass up.