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Taiwan's famed soup dumplings arrive in Glendale

When Rick Caruso, one of L.A.'s largest real estate moguls, announced he was bringing Taiwanese dumpling chain Din Tai Fung to the Americana at Brand in Glendale, he referred to it as his "crowning achievement."

That's a lofty statement from the guy who built some of L.A.'s grandest shopping centers.

But if you've ever waited an hour for a seat at Din Tai Fung in Arcadia, hungry for juicy xiao long bao, you might understand Caruso's sentiment. These soup dumplings are precious commodities.

Din Tai Fung Glendale (Photo: Din Tai Fung)

The spacious and opulent 160-seat branch in the Americana, situated next door to Nordstrom's, doesn't spare any luxuries: There's valet parking, text alerts when your table is ready (shop while you wait!) and a decent wine list, so you can sip Malbec with steamers of aromatic black truffle dumplings ($22 for 5), previously available only to VIP diners in Taiwan.

Those who have visited the other SGV locations probably know the drill: Order juicy pork dumplings ($8 for 10) sagging from their hot broth filling, delicate shrimp shao mai ($11 for 10) and the meltingly tender pork chop over fried rice ($8). Assemble your own dipping sauce from dried ginger, black vinegar and soy sauce. Balance the xiao long bao carefully on your spoon and slurp.

Not only do we love that the city's greatest dumpling empire has expanded westward–but now there's the added bonus of browsing the Apple Store afterward.