Maido Neighborhood Gems | Doral, Miami

Chefs Hiroshi Horai and Genji Arai pack the house in Doral

Buckle up: You're going to Doral to discover something the locals have been keeping to themselves.

The destination is eight-year-old sushi spot Maido where one can find sparkling, stunningly fresh nigiri–like buttery hamachi and salmon ($3 per piece)–prepared by the deft hand of chef Hiroshi Horai.

Consider yourself fortunate if you can find seats at the often-packed restaurant. Scan the whiteboards and you'll see the specials listed in both English and Japanese, including dishes like Tokyo-style tuna-don ($20)–a heaping bowl of rice, crispy seaweed and vibrant tuna slices marinated in soy, mirin and sake.

Maido's sushi bar and sake offerings (Photo: Gourmandj)

Trust chef Genji Arai to make terrific izakaya snacks, like sweet strips of triggerfish jerky served with a dollop of tangy togarashi-spiked mayo ($5). Order the grilled mackerel ($9) or crispy fried blue runner fish ($7) and you'll savor popping one after another of the delicate, citrus-tinged fish into your mouth.

Dip a spoon into spicy codfish roe ochazuke ($8), an aromatic mound of rice and luminous roe crowned with a tangle of scallions and seaweed and surrounded by a moat of green tea broth. It's subtle–the kind of dish that holds your hand after a long day.

The modest interior at Maido is nothing special, but the food is guaranteed to hold you at rapt attention.

Get in the car. Go now.

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