Eggslut In The Grand Central Market | Tasting Table Los Angeles

It's only 8 a.m., but Alvin Cailan and Jeff Vales are ready to put out.

The line for their new Eggslut location inside downtown's Grand Central Market is beginning to wrap around the counter. That's a lot of bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches–sauced with chipotle ketchup, honey mustard or Sriracha mayo–to whip up. Don't worry; these guys know how to scramble.

Back in 2011, Cailan and Vales launched The Eggslut Truck, a mobile outfit focused specifically on incredible-edible-egg dishes: pork shoulder nachos ($8) capped with a sunny-side egg (dubbed the Not'Cho Slut), a burger with fried egg and avocado ($9), an egg salad sandwich ($7) on grilled Texas toast, and something called "Thee Slut" ($9)–a jar of butter-whipped potato pureé, coddled eggs, grey sea salt and chives scooped up with toast. Even Ruth Reichl is a fan.

Eggslut at the Grand Central Market
At their new market location, you can get all that sexy, yolky goodness and more, including fresh-pressed OJ from Press Brothers Juicery ($3.50) or a cup of drip coffee from G&B ($3).

The biggest attraction–especially for office workers who order them by the dozen–is the classic breakfast sandwich ($6 to $7): a flaky house-baked biscuit or brioche bun is topped with an over-medium egg, a gooey slice of cheddar and a choice of smoky bacon strips or a thick turkey sausage patty.

"There's something kinda raunchy about when you burst into a egg yolk," says Vales, "people see our sign and they understand."